The Dark Future of Press Freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan: Escalating Crackdown on Activists and Journalists


The trial and sentencing of journalist Sherwan Amin Sherwani in Iraqi Kurdistan reflects a concerning trend of crackdowns on press freedom and dissent. This article examines the decline of freedom of expression, political manipulation through show trials, and the targeted repression and intimidation faced by journalists and activists in the region. As new restrictions are implemented, the future of press freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan looks grim.

The various facets of human rights violations in Iraq

Explore the various facets of human rights violations in Iraq including protests, political stalemate, repression of activists and journalists, lack of accountability, challenges for women’s rights, persecution of LGBT individuals, civil documentation challenges, repatriation from Syria, climate change vulnerability, and health risks from gas flaring.

Upholding Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly in Iraq

Recent developments in Iraq signal significant threats to the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. The reintroduction of draft laws that curtail these rights poses a danger to democratic processes and the ability to hold authorities accountable. This blog post sheds light on the situation, advocates for the preservation of these essential rights, and calls for action to ensure freedom is upheld in Iraq.

Iraq’s Ongoing Human Rights Crisis: Two Decade of Abuses

Iraq's Ongoing Human Rights Crisis: Two Decade of Abuses

International reports highlights the continued human rights crisis in Iraq, with torture, unfair trials, and attacks on civilians still rampant. The lack of accountability for these abuses further perpetuates the cycle of violence and impunity. Urgent actions are needed to protect human rights and ensure justice for the people of Iraq.