The Dark Future of Press Freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan: Escalating Crackdown on Activists and Journalists


The trial and sentencing of journalist Sherwan Amin Sherwani in Iraqi Kurdistan reflects a concerning trend of crackdowns on press freedom and dissent. This article examines the decline of freedom of expression, political manipulation through show trials, and the targeted repression and intimidation faced by journalists and activists in the region. As new restrictions are implemented, the future of press freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan looks grim.

Committee 29’s Dark Legacy: Iraqi Government Confirms Torture and Extortion by Former Anti-Corruption Body

Committee 29 Dark Legacy:

Committee 29, once hailed as Iraq’s beacon of anti-corruption, is now under scrutiny as investigations reveal a sinister legacy of torture and extortion. The Iraqi government has confirmed these allegations and is taking steps towards accountability and justice. Discover the chilling details of the human rights abuses perpetrated by Committee 29 and the ongoing efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.